The Doughnut chart you see on the Analytics page of Advisor is a summary of all of the sub loads on your site as a fraction of the Main Incomer. The period of the data on the doughnut chart is the same as that you are looking on in any of the graphs above. 

So if you are looking at last week the doughnut chart is also showing you the usage of last week broken into each sub load of the Main Incomer. 

Why aren't all of my datasources showing on this chart? 

    Only the datasources that are direct sub loads of the Main Incomer will show up on this chart, so if your site is broken into a number of transformers each with their own sub loads the chart will only show the transformers. 

What utility types are on the doughnut chart? 

    Electricity, Oil and Gas are currently the only utility types that appear on the doughnut chart.