The Average/Min/Max tool on Advisor can be used to quickly get a view of the consumption of a datasource throughout the day over a large period of time. The tool works by finding the Maximum, Average and Minimum usage per 15 minutes of a selected datasource over a set period of time and producing a graph with these figures on it. 

The average line can be used to identify if the maximum or minimum reading is an outlier by where it sits in relation to each one. As the average line tends towards one of the extremes that means the other extreme is more of an outlier. For example if you have a graph where the average line is close to the minimum usage that means there are a few maximum readings that are skewing the graph.

  • How does the avg/min/max usage of a datasource change over the course of a day? This should roughly follow your work hours or the operating procedure of the meter.
  • Can be used to see how stable the consumption is for a datasource, if you have something that should be a drawing a fairly constant amount of energy you can use the avg/min/max tool to see if this is the case and investigate further if not