On average, HVAC systems account for 40%-60% of a buildings energy consumption. Ways in which you can improve your HVAC efficiency include:

1. Professional Audit- Having a professional perform an audit on your HVAC system will help you determine the condition of your HVAC as well as giving solution to improve its efficiency.

2. Use an Economizer and Controls- These will optimize the heating and cooling of your building during peak and off peak hours.

3. Reduce Load Capacity- This will help your system run less frequently. Some measure to reduce load capacity includes installing insulation, energy efficient lighting and upgrading to ENERGYSTAR certified appliances.

4. Maintenance- This could include checking for leaks and defective equipment in your pipes, ducts, coils, etc. It is important to change your HVAC filters regularly.

5. Employee Awareness- Even small actions such as turning off computers and lights after hours all contribute to your HVAC efficiency. Train your staff to implement energy saving measures into the daily work day.